How to make the website more User Friendly?

User Friendly Site

The most important thing of a website is to make it user friendly. If the website is not user friendly and if people have a hard time finding what they are looking for then they tend to go to some other sites. 

Here is so ways to make your website more user friendly:

1. Fast Loading

Try to make your website load as fast as possible. And try to avoid making your website heavy. If there is heavy content for example, heavy images, videos hosted on the site and files then the website will become slow. And because of that the website will be slow loading.

If you want to make your website fast loading then try to avoid uploading heavy image or video or files on the site or page that will load. Or you can get a better hosting with good speed.

2. Good and Easy Navigation

Good and easy navigation system is one of the most needed thing if you want to make your website user friendly. Because when a user visits a site they tend to go to the navigation bar and see is there is a option of that they need or get a certain category of post's of the site.

Try to add a navigations bar at the top of the site. And choose the categories of the menu bar or the navigation bar wisely.

3. Mobile Friendly

Try to make the website mobile friendly. Because 46 percent of people in the world user mobile. And if your website or blog is not mobile friendly you will lose more visitors then any. And it is very hard and painful to use website in desktop mode for mobile users.

4. Pleasant Experience

Try to give the user pleasant experience by sticking with the content of the post and by avoiding to make the user do roundup reading. If the content is easy and clear to read, easy to understand and full with information then they will stick with you like a magnet. 

So try to avoid unnecessary topics in the topic and stick with the main topic that your content is about.

5. Provide Enough Resources 

Try to provide more and more resources like numbers or graphs or facts or proven theories. If your content contains good resources then users will stick with your content and not go to any other sites.

If you follow this instructions your site will be one more step to become a good and user friendly site.

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